Can you believe we’re already shifting into winter? As the seasons change, expect your body to follow suit. Skin might get drier, they’ll be less Vitamin C to soak up, and overall, things will feel a bit different. But don’t fret — this is thoughtful preparation can save the day…especially since skin conditions tends to flare up when exposed to cold and wind. Note that this can lead to flaky or itchy complexions that desperately crave moisture. 

ALMAdeLIA formulations have been carefully considered to work with external stressors — like the weather—to ensure skin thrives in any condition. 

Our favorite tips for preparing your skin for winter, below:

  • Find balance—in oils at least: wintertime is notorious for drying up skin. During the colder months, lean into using oils to replenish dehydrated skin. We love looking to natural oils like hemp seed oil, argan oil, rose hip seed. For ultimate rejuvenation, reach for the Hemp Seed Oil Flawless Face Mask: this mask clears and clarifies, while bringing that radiant and healthy glow (much needed during the winter) from within.  
  • Always reach for sunscreen, even if it’s overcast—even in the winter, using sunscreen protects from sun damage and prevents wrinkles. Sunscreen is a staple regardless of the season as up to 80% of UV rays can penetrate a thick cloud later. A reminder that most sunscreen includes anti-aging ingredients. 
  • We love bringing a humidifier out in the depths of winter. Hear us out: humidifiers bring moisture into the air, giving your skin and entire self an extra boost of hydration. During winter, both outdoor air and artificial indoor heat are dry. The constant back and forth between two extreme environments can wreck havoc on the skin — essentially stripping it of natural oils. Or you can reach for Hemp Seed Oil Hydro-Glow Face Mask: This mask hydrates nourishes, and replenishes dry and dull skin, providing a firm moisturising layer that provides long-term locked in deep hydration and collagen boost.
  • Tune into yourself: how does your skin react to external stressors like alcohol, foods, etc? Skin can be extra sensitive during the winter months. This is a great time to tune into your best habits and understand how shifting elements of your lifestyle can affect your skin health. 


At the end of the day, ensuring your skin thrives during winter depends on constant nourishment. This is the time of year to bring out face masks on a regular basis, travel with your skincare rituals, and consistently hydrate. The summer version of yourself will say thank you.