ALMAdeLIA is The Beautiful Soul of Australia

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‘ALMA’ ( is what the Spanish call the SOUL

‘DE LIA’ is our way of proudly saying we are from Austra-LIA (de is ‘from’ is how we call our home, where we were created and nurtured)

ALMAdeLIA is the beautiful soul of Australia embodied in our range of organic, natural, holistic masks and skincare products, uniquely infused with 100% Organic Hemp Seed Oil and the wonderful efficacy of Australia’s natural ingredients.

SOUL (noun)/[ sohl ]

The spiritual or immaterial part of a human being regarded as immortal Emotional or intellectual energy or intensity, as revealed in a work of art.

The spiritual part of a person that is believed to give life to the body.

The quality of a person or work of art.

Who We Are

What Makes Us Different?

At ALMAdeLIA, we wanted to create a brand with a soul that reflects Australia’s nature. We wanted to create a new skincare range befitting every woman who wants to embrace her natural beauty.

With a passion for innovation, we created a skincare range that is authentic and natural. We wanted our brand to embody the holistic beauty, and bring out the inner strength of a woman who takes care of herself inside and out.

We believe in empowering every woman to embrace their holistic beauty through our meaningful range of Hemp-Oil based skincare products.

We wanted to harness nature’s gift – Organic Hemp Seed Oil – along with capturing Australia’s abundant nature, its botanicals and the richness of ingredients sourced from nature that defines true beauty.

Our Promise

ALMAdeLIA respects what nature has to offer and harnesses its strength too. Our range of skincare products encapsulates the perfect source of 100% Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil, that is proven to rejuvenate, replenish, and revitalise the skin and mind.

Our range of nature infused products was created by our research group and scientists support from EPN Team, as a result of the belief that nature provides the best source of nutrient-rich ingredients that enable the skin to flourish holistically.

Why We Exist and What Drives Us

Our Purpose & Manifesto


We understand true beauty inside out

We exist so that total beauty – in mind, body and soul, inspired by Nature, – can be relaxed, respected and desired, globally.

We believe in empowering every woman to embrace their holistic beauty through our modern range of nature-infused skincare products with the essence of Hemp Seed Oil.

Inspired by the abundance of Australia’s nature and the simple style and sophistication that defines true health beauty.

We get to the soul of what matters most and create authentic and naturally efficacious skincare to help bring out the results you want and need.

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