Our skin—just like nature—in an ever-evolving expression of external factors, genes, and how we move through the world. Refreshing itself every 27 days, our skin cells regenerate, demanding ritualistic maintenance of this crucial organ. While all formulations bring something potent to the table, there’s intention behind pairing your skin with the right products. We see skincare as a gift and daily ritual that sets on up for success…however you may define that in your world. Through the act of nurturing yourself, you nurture everything around you.

ALMAdeLIA looks to the potency founds in nature to deeply nourish the skin. With 100% Australian Certified  Organic Hemp Seed Oil as centerpiece, you’ll find 250 mg pure hemp seed oil in each mask. Hemp’s rich nutritional profile boasts over 80% in polyunsaturated fatty acids, reduces skin inflammation, encourages cell regeneration, and deeply hydrates. Consider ALMAdeLIA a love letter to hemp. Going beyond the traditional skin profiles, we’ve developed a product guide, created with your lifestyle in mind:

For those with dry skin—

Whether you’ve spent far too much time outdoors lately (is there such a thing?) or naturally crave moisture, reach for the Hemp Seed Oil Hydro-Glow Face Mask for replenishment your skin deserves. Relax into a 15-minute ritual that will replenish, firm, and protect your skin cells while nourishing the regeneration process.

We’ve formulated this face-mask with Australian-sourced hero ingredients like Kakadu Plum, a powerful antioxidant that encourages collagen synthesis and is loved as the most potent natural source of vitamin C.[1] As an added bonus, we’ve included ginseng and hydraulic acid to enhance the potency of Hemp Seed Oil.

For those whose skin need a little pick-me-up—

We’ve all been there: amidst the ebbs and flow in life, skin serves as a very vivid reflection of our quality of life. Maybe you haven’t been sleeping well, daily stresses are impacting your collagen production, or you’re just having a moment.

The Flawless Face Mask steps in as a calming, soothing, clarifying formulation to deliver a clean and clear healthy glow. We’ve especially created this mask to cleanse any dead skin cells, minimize pore size, and reducing inflammation. In addition to the ever-impactful Hemp Seed Oil, Manuka Honey, and Calendula Extract, the mask cloth contains volcanic ash from Asama-Yama, Japan. Breathe in, breathe out—your skin will look full of life again.

For those seeking rejuvenation—

Refresh your skin with a youthful radiance found in the Ageless Face Mask.  This formula was designed to eliminate free radicals, protect skin cells from environmental pollution and is clinically proven to boost hydration.[2] Nature is the best teacher for what is means to be nourished. We look to ingredients like Quandong, White Tea, and Rosehip Extract to teach those lessons.



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[2] Independent consumer trials