Crystal Guasha by ALMAdeLIA


Made of Crystal Jade, which is a beneficial mineral to skin beauty and body health. It improves blood circulation, skin tone, and helps reduce puffiness. It also aids in reducing the appearance of dark under-eye circles. 

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Which Jade Guasha Should I choose?

ALMAdeLIA's Facial Guasha, crafted from Jade, a staple in Chinese medicine, promotes skin health and beauty. Designed to maintain a cooling sensation, our Guasha tools alleviate tension, offering a path to radiant skin.

The Crystal Jade Guasha, crafted from firmer, cooler jade, boosts circulation and reduces puffiness, giving your skin a healthy glow. If your goal is to give your skin a healthy glow and a more revitalized appearance, the Crystal Jade Guasha is your ideal pick.

What happens if you use a jade Guasha every day?

Using our Jade face Guasha daily, you can transform your skin health and increase its elasticity, tone and brightness. Using long sweeping strokes, lightly brush the tool over your face morning and night and enjoy healthier, firmer skin in no time at all.

Can you use your Guasha without oil?

To maximise the effects of your Jade face Guasha, ensure you use a facial oil or serum, as the tool needs to glide gently over your skin.

How long till you see results from using Guasha?

Some effects of using a Jade face Guasha — including decreased puffiness — are apparent immediately, whereas firm, lifted and defined skin will become more evident over time and with consistent use.

How to maximise my experience with Guasha?

Step One: Begin by applying ALMAdeLIA Hemp Seed Oil Sheet Mask. Utilize the excess oil to prep your Guasha, ensuring smooth gliding without tugging the skin. Alternatively, pair with Hemp Seed Oil Barrier Repair Facial Oil.

Step Two: Using the ‘heart-shaped’ side, gently glide along the jawline towards the ears.

Step Three: Stroke your cheekbones with the longer side, starting from the nose’s sides upwards to the hairline.

Step Four: Apply gentle pressure as you sweep the tool’s longest curve beneath your eyes.

Step Five: Use the long side to pull upwards from the eyebrows towards the forehead.


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  1. Amberclaire

    I bought this a few weeks ago and it is beautiful quality – makes the price feel justified. Naturally cool and very easy to use. My first Guasha tool and I think I’ll have it for a while.

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  2. Ana_mak

    Perfect shape to sculpt the face! I am obsessed with Gua Sha shape lifting and it was time I upgrade and I’m so hooked on this one ! The crystal is gorgeous very worth it!

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