We don’t give the innate knowledge of our body enough credit, especially when we’re moving through rough patches. While our body — and skin — can take a lot, at some point the stressors we face shift into a visible state. Whether this is inflammation, redness, acne, excess oil, or anything in between, these periods of vulnerability serve as vivid reminders to reassess how we’re moving through the world…and the importance of supportive and calming tools.

We brought the Hemp Seed Oil Calming Cream to life to introduce a purely rehabilitative product. Formulated with skin barrier comfort and mind, this blend of clean and gentle ingredients for skin that has experienced any form of frustration.

When we developed this product, we wanted to create a staple formulation that would help someone feel immediate hydration and relaxation. A helping hand, if you will. With consistent use of this product, skin is exposed to ingredients that simply help take the edge off —think Aloe Vera and Macadamia Oil.

It’s worthwhile to revisit why skin becomes acts out — commonly, external stressors, harsh treatments, and excessive sun exposure are the guilty parties.

On Stress:

Stress causes the nervous system to release common stress hormones — hello, cortisol! When cortisol levels increase, glads unnecessarily produce excess oil. Excess oil production encourages clogged pores + acne breakout.[1] And in our experience, clogged pores and acne breakouts stress us out even more.

On Harsh Treatments:

Sometimes, chemical peels and harsh facials can work wonders to exfoliate the skin, rebuild collagen, etc. However, to much of a good thing is real. Harsh treatments can be damaging to the skin barrier and cause scabbing, swelling, and redness. If your skin has experienced stress via intentional treatments, incorporating the Calming Cream will bring some much needed respite to your skin.

On Sun Exposure:

As delicious as sun on the skin feels, excess exposure (especially ultraviolet radiation) can cause damage to cells via oxidative stress. Oxidative stress, put simply the imbalance of oxygen in cells, leads to significant damage such as inflammation and premature aging. A recent study determined that UV exposure weakens and dries the skin, putting excess stress on skin.

Tell-tale signs that skin needs rehab, stat, include the above as well as the general fluctuation of your skin health. Incorporating grounding products like that encourage relaxation from a cellular level is key to creating an environment for healthy skin from the inside out. Paired with time outdoors, consistent movement, and nourishing nutritious foods, supportive products like the Hemp Seed Oil Calming Cream.

Supple in its form, this calming cream is a blend of the hero ingredient of  Hemp Seed Oil, Australian native Macadamia Oil and Jojoba Oil, working together with 4 calming and soothing natural extracts to instantly calm and rescue the skin.


[1] Tausk FA, Nousari H. Stress and the Skin. Arch Dermatol. 2001;137(1):78–82. doi:10.1001/archderm.137.1.78