So long sweet winter. If we’re being honest, we’re not that sad to see you go. The fewer layers and the more sunshine, the better.

A little reminder of what your skin has been going through these past few winter months: cold temperatures paired with low humidity cause moisture to be pulled from the skin. You’ve likely noticed that your skin has felt drier and flakier than normal — especially if you’ve been using indoor heating systems to keep toasty. When it’s colder out, skin cells are apt to constrict to control blood flow which causes facial redness or damage to the skin barrier. So when springtime comes, the sentiment of a ‘spring cleaning’ is just as relevant for your skin as it is for the rest of your life. You’ll want to keep the Hemp Seed Oil Calming Face Mist and Hemp Seed Oil Barrier Repair Facial Oil on standby as trusty essentials to welcome spring.

A nod to the main culprits for springtime skin shifts:

  1. Sweat: surprisingly, sweat can actually help out the skin by acting as a moisturizing and cooling agent that can kill harmful bacteria. But you’ll want to avoid letting sweat settle on the skin for too long—this can lead to a release of urea and ammonia as well as blocked pores.[1]
  2. Heat: When it’s hot, your skin creates more oil. This is due to more active sebaceous glands that create excess oil, potentially leading to breakouts. You’ll want to focus on hydration and reducing heat exposure as much as possible to avoid this.
  3. Sun exposure: While the sweet sun feels so good, too much exposure isn’t great for the skin—but we already knew that. As a reminder, UV exposure can cause the skin to wrinkle, showcase premature aging, or swell. In addition to visual damage, excess UV exposure disrupts the barrier function of the skin — specifically the permeability barrier.[2]
  4. Allergies: Hello springtime, hello allergy season. Histimanes (the chemical that causes allergy symptoms) leads to inflammation, resulting in highly sensitive skin. If you have serious allergies, you’ll want to be aware of pollen counts, reduce external stressors and avoid harsh ingredients to ensure your skin thrives during this seasonal transition.

But with new seasons, come new opportunities! Much like the cyclical nature of the seasons, we have the opportunity to shift our habits on a quarterly basis. A few notes on skincare considerations the ALMAdeLIA team keeps in mind as we welcome springtime.


Embrace the sentiment of spring cleaning

Start fresh! Take note of your current skincare routine to determine where you can shift products or habits. It’s worth considering gravitating towards lighter lotions and products to let your skin breathe fully. Over the winter, dead skin build up is very real — focus on gently exfoliating dead skin cells to start with a cleanses palette.

Re-evaluate your lifestyle habits

Consider your diet and movement practices to prepare your skin for a thriving springtime. If you’ve been slacking in the produce department, do you best to reintroduce plenty of fruits and veggies into your diet. This will help your skin revitalize and adjust quickly to the new season.

Sunscreen + Hydration

We’re such advocates of daily sunscreen use. In addition to preventing sunburn, protecting the skin reduces long-term impacts like age spots and wrinkles. Apply your sunscreen of choice as part of your morning routine and be sure to apply on the lips as well.


Our Spring Skincare Line Up —

Hemp Seed Oil Calming Face Mist

Seasonal change = stress. We formulated the Face Mist to provide anxiety relief, a calming essence, and instant hydration. Exceptionally supportive for lifestyle shifts, we look to hero ingredients like soothing Lavender Oil, invigorating Rose, and Australian-sourced Kakadu Plum. Hemp Seed, always our favorite, is included to repair skin and encourage mood calming functions thanks to high levels of omega acids. We especially love this Mist because it’s so easy to bring on the go.

Hemp Seed Oil Barrier Repair Facial Oil

The transition from winter to spring can aggregate the skin barrier. This nourishing and hydrating facial oil steps in to support the basis of all great skin. The skin barrier plays a key role in preventing skin aging, regulating moisture, and providing anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial support — it can be easily damaged by sun exposure, pollutants, and over-exfoliation.


[1] Lindsay B. Baker (2019) Physiology of sweat gland function: The roles of sweating and sweat composition in human health, Temperature, 6:3, 211-259, DOI: 10.1080/23328940.2019.1632145

[2] Orazio et. al (2013) UV Radiation and the Skin, Int J Mol Sci. 2013 Jun; 14(6): 12222–12248. Published online 2013 Jun 7. doi: 10.3390/ijms140612222