Summer often feels like a season of firsts — it’s a time to experiment and bring new energy to stagnant environments. With that in mind, we’re thrilled to introduce yet another novel ALMAdeLIA product: the Hemp Seed Oil Calming Foam Cleanser.

At its most basic, this product reframes the narrative of a cleanser to ensure deep hydration and the gentle penetration of pores, leaving skin clean and soft. This intentional blend of potent plant-based ingredients gently removes excess oil and stragglers without irritation or stripping the skin…and that’s just the beginning.

The art of cleansing truly is ritualistic — historically, cleansing the skin played a key role in various religious ceremonies. Something to consider while you dutifully cleanse the skin twice daily.

The environmental impurities and additives from skincare we subject ourselves to daily aren’t always water-soluble, creating a need for products that lower surface tension on the outermost layers of the skin to actually remove.[1]  As we move through the day, our skin naturally accumulates oils and sweat. These build up on the outermost layer of our skin, and if not cleansed properly and often, can make the skin look and feel excessively oil and dirty. Note that if the skin is not cleansed in the evening, there will be excess toxins in the morning from natural elimination.

When highly-considered skincare products — that include strong ingredients like retinol — are used, a cleansed baseline is truly the only way to fully feel the impact of said product. A skincare routine is truly dependent on an impactful cleanser. The ideal cleanser not only removes dirt build-up but boosts hydration.

Let’s talk about foam — what are the benefits?

We chose to use foam, rather than an abrasive cleanser, due to its gentle and effective nature. As you lather the Hemp Seed Oil Calming Foam Cleanser onto the skin, you’ll find that the soft foam lifts dirt from the pores in a manner that deeply cleans and leaves skin softly moisturized. Cleanliness is often correlated with deep, harsh cleaning — for skin, this just isn’t beneficial. Foaming cleansers don’t strip natural oils or tear the skin, but rather look to the micro-bubble to draw out impurities.

On  Hemp Seed Oil Calming Foam Cleanser  Ingredients

A product without great ingredients doesn’t stand on its own. For this cleanser, we tapped some of our favorite potent natural sources of skin support to formulate a truly stunning formula. Note that ingredients are organic certified.

  • Hemp Seed Oil: in addition to offering deep moisture, hemp seed oil helps discourage bacteria growth that can cause acne
  • Green Tea: soothes dry skin and reduces water loss
  • Cucumber: cucumber has the same pH values as the skin, which helps balance the skin and refine pores
  • Chrysanthellum Indicum Extract: reduces redness due to unique soothing compounds