Hemp Seed Oil is truly one of the most efficacious ingredients to support skin through all its seasons. We’ll take any chance to deeply educate the ALMAdeLIA community about the benefits of Hemp Seed Oil…and just why it makes the skin flawless.

Join us on an exploration of the intricacies of Hemp Seed Oil and just why our obsession with this plant oil is well justified. The Flawless Mask pairs very well with this blog.

Vitamins and Minerals  → Supports Skin Barrier

Repeat after us: the skin barrier is the epicentre of skin health. This complex ecosystem is made of three primary layers: the epidermis acts as a protective layer, the middle dermis is the glue to hold the structure together, and the dermis contains the critical nutrients like fatty acids and ceramides. A system that naturally moisturizes the skin, it requires an input of vitamins and mineral to continue operating at its best, especially when faced by environmental stressors like pollution and stress.

An exceptionally nourishing ingredient, hemp seed oil contains vitamin E — an antioxidant that reduces active free radicals. As a reminder, free radicals can wreck havoc on the skin barrier causing premature wrinkles, lines, and visual cues that your skin is suffering. Other powerhouse vitamins found in Hemp Seed Oil include Vitamin B1 and B2: B1 (thiamine) calms irritated skin and improves the appearance of fine lines while B2 (riboflavin) steps in to even skin tone and boost natural oils.[1]

You’ll also find a variety of minerals in Hemp Seed Oil like zinc (enhaces skin repair function), iron (optimizes wound healing), and calcium (supports sebum production.)[2]

Omega 3’s and Fatty Acids →  Reduces Inflammation and Oil Production

Studies show that hemp oil decreased transepidermal water loss due to external oil application creating a protective seal on the surface of the skin. This is primarily due to the high levels of Omega 3’s and Fatty Acids found.

Here’s the thing: our skin doesn’t naturally produce this acid nor can we synthesize them. Hemp Seed oil contains a significant amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids: Omega 3 (alpha-linolenic acid), Omega-6 (linoleic acid), and gamma linolenic acid. Linoleic acid (50-70%) is an essential fatty acid that can encourage healthy skin as you age. Linoleic Acid is known for providing additional moisture without weighing down skin as well as promoting skin growth and cell regeneration. Paired with the other acids at an ideal 3:1 ratio, Hemp Seed Oil’s acid profile plays a significant role in why this oil is such a powerhouse for healthy and nourished skin.[3]

A 0 on the non-comedogenic scale → Fights against acne

A reminder: non-comedogenic refers to skincare products that are formulated to not block pores. Generally, all plant-based oils do a decent job of this — ebbing and flowing based on the exact raw ingredient.

Hemp seed oil sits at the top of dermatologist recommended oils because of the aforementioned high levels of linoleic acid. With a score of 0 on the comedogenic rating scale, research indicates that hemp seed oil specifically targets acne via antimicrobial activity, lowered inflammation, and encouragement of collagen production.[4]


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