Orange, edible, sweet, and tart…we’re dedicating this love letter to the Native Orange Pearl. Commonly known as the Cockspur thorn, this species of shrub is found throughout New South Wales and is happiest in tropical forests—offering a traditional food source and a potent antioxidant ingredient when used topically.

Curious as to why this fruit is so special?

The incredibly nutritionally dense Native Orange Pearl is well-loved for its ability to stimulate collagen, reduce puffiness and dark eye circles, and calm acne breakouts.  Stay with us here as we jump into the nutritional integrity behind these powerhouse ingredients. Cocktail trivia anyone? Here are some of our favourite elements of the Orange Pearl:

  • Xanthones: capture free-radical compounds, which prevent external environmental damage. Xanthones are also anti-inflammatory—helping relieve visible irritation or aging.
  • Phenolic Acids: offers key protection against enzymes—these provide skin cells with structure and elasticity
  • Rutin: One of the key phyto-compounds of the Orange Pearl, rutin is known for improving skin elasticity and wrinkle reduction. [1]


You can find this elegant and elusive ingredient that gracefully firms skin in our Flawless Face Mask, aptly named for the calming and rejuvenating nature of the Orange Pearl.