ALMAdeLIA was created to celebrate the incredible ingredient that is the hemp seed. As Australia’s #1 Hemp Seed Oil Skincare line, we take our job in informing our community about the power of hemp very seriously—that’s why each face mask includes 250 mg pure Australian Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil. Put simply, we see the hemp seed as one of the potent ingredients that exist. And we’re pretty sure your skin will agree with us—especially once you use the Hemp Seed Oil Flawless Face Mask.

Let’s Discuss: Hemp Seed Oil vs. CBD

A common misconception of Hemp Oil and Hemp Seed Oil is that they contain THC—the main psychoactive property in Marijuana. While hemp is a close cousin to the cannabis plant, it contains little to no THC. Hemp Seed Oil is produced by processing just the seeds of a hemp plant. CBD on the other hand, is made of the entirety of the plant. By cold pressing just the seeds, Hemp Seed Oil becomes a potent ingredient that boasts a range of healthy fats and then some.

Here’s Why We’re Obsessed with Hemp Seed Oil

  1. It’s Good For the Planet: With the ecosystem always on our mind, we feel comfortable using Hemp Seed Oil as our hero ingredient because this plant is known for keeping soil nutrient-rich and increased crop yield. Research shows that hemp reduces air pollution, can grow in varied environments, and conserves water. Not only is Hemp Seed Oil great for the skin, but it’s beneficial for the environment.
  2. Did someone say hydrated skin?: Known for its very high oil content, Hemp Seed Oil contains fatty acids (Omega-6 and Omega-3 Fatty Acids) that are incredibly similar to the skin’s natural lipids—meaning that skin happily drinks up any formulations that include hemp.[1] These fatty acids are known for repairing the skin barrier and trapping moisture….without clogging pores.
  3. Brings Balance: Skin often acts out when there is a lack of balance—whether that’s oil, hydration, or external influences. The same fatty acids are known for lowering skin inflammation through gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which also encourages cell generation.
  4. Anti-Aging and Soothing: The linoleic and oleic acids in Hemp Seed Oil play a key role in bolstering skin health, specifically adding moisture and plumpness that helps protect the skin barrier from external stressors like pollutants or UV rays.


Note that at ALMAdeLIA, we believe in only including highest-quality ingredient in our products. Through independent consumer trials, we learned that our Hemp Seed Oil Ageless Face Mask is clinically proven to improve hydration, make skin firmer, smoother, and more vibrant. Our products include no sulphate phthalates urea & silicone, no synthetic colours and no GMO’s. To learn more, we encourage you to dive into additional reading on our site.



[1]Vogl, Christian Reinhard & Mölleken, Helga & Lissek-Wolf, Gunilla & Surböck, Andreas & Kobert, JÖRg. Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) as a Resource for Green Cosmetics. Journal of Industrial Hemp, 2004; 9: 51-68