Imagine the perfect spa day. There’s no doubt that the vision conjures an image of cucumbers over the eyes. There’s a good reason for this—the ascorbic acid found in cucumbers reduces overall puffiness..among other benefits.

When we formulated our Flawless Face Mask, we chose cucumber extract as a centerpiece to highlight its amazing phytochemical properties. It doesn’t hurt that cucumber is an ode to the relaxing essence that is a spa. At a high level, cucumber extract boasts proteins, flavonoids, antioxidants, Vitamin C, and lipids.

Notably, cucumber extract is anti-inflammatory. Vitamins found include C and K, which help fight free radicals, known for breaking down our skin’s collagen leading to visible skin impacts like dark spots, lines, and wrinkles.

Studies show that cucumber extract is ideal for skin rejuvenation.[1] Stress compromises cellular integrity—which can visually impact the skin. External stress, like UV rays, can cause oxidative stress, known to dull and irritate skin cells. Cucumber extract acts as an astringent, which draws water out of tissues. For skin, this can shrink pores, remove oils, and create a more taut skin layer. Targeting stressed skin with sufficient hydration and anti-inflammatory elements can play a significant role in balancing the impacts of stress.[2]

If you consider yourself a sun-worshipper, cucumber extract brings some much-needed salvation to your parched skin. In addition to natural SPF protection, the hydrating elements jump starts natural healing and prevents long-term sun damage. Cucumber extract also contains high concentrations of lactic acid, known for maintaining a healthy skin surface.[3]

When you’re feeling like you deserve an evening of relaxation, melt into skin rejuvenation with the Flawless Face Mask. Overwhelmingly anti-inflammatory, this mask is gentle on the skin and is specially crafted to provide the empowered woman with a clean and clear, healthy glow.


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